Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Report: 18th Century Market Fair at Locust Grove

Changing of the "Town Guard" at Locust Grove
Dear Reader,

This weekend, in Louisville, Kentucky, the Locust Grove plantation hosted the 7th annual 18th Century Market Fair. Locust Grove is a mansion, the retirement home of Revolutionary War era hero George Rogers Clark. In this event, vendors set up tents in front of the mansion, and military camps are set up in the valleys on each side of the mansion.

It was especially nice, as I got to see the friends I made earlier this year at Koh-Koh-Mah in the Regiment von Riedesel.

Crown forces battle line on Saturday Afternoon
I was lucky enough to be in attendance both days, and surprisingly, the Crown forces won the battle both of the days. Sunday's battle was reminiscent of the Battle of Eutaw Springs: the rebel forces sacked the Crown camp, but the Crown forces returned to win the battle.

During the sack of the camp, an elderly but still hale German nurse was seen beating the rebel soldiers about the head and shoulders with a large wooden spoon. The German regiment sent up several cheers for this display of bravery.

Camp Life at Locust Grove

Finally, here is a link to a video of the battle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lx15Oq0zV0k

It was a wonderful time, and I would encourage anyone able to travel to the Louisville area to go next year.

Thanks for reading,

Alexander Burns

(All photos shamelessly stolen from my friend David.)

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