Sunday, September 22, 2013

Report: Koh-Koh-Mah 2013

Ukrainian Dragoons? How strange to find them in Indiana.
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Today I had the singular fortune to be able to attend the 2013 annual gathering at Koh-Koh-Mah. This reenactment is held to show off a Seven Years' War type military encampment and tactical display. In addition to the regular mix of French, British, civilian, and Native American impressions, Koh-Koh-Mah 2013 saw two units from the European Seven Years' War: Brunswicker Regiment Riedesel from Germany, and a mixed unit representing Russian Seven Years' War forces from Ukraine.

I'll write more in the next few weeks, but in short, Koh-Koh-Mah was a wonderful reenactment, and well worth the trip for any Kabinettskriege enthusiast. It was an added plus that the British, Brunswickers and their allies one the Saturday morning battle! Score one up for the good guys. Here are some of the pictures and a video I recorded at Koh-Koh-Mah.

Members of the 42nd, 77th, and 78th Highland regiments march past.

Highlanders and Rangers

Here is a link to a video I recorded on my iphone from the morning battle on Saturday. You can see one of my classmates as the poor fellow, "dead," in the stream.

In addition to the battle, the Russian dragoon's provided an example of Russian cavalry training during the pre-Seven Years' War period.
Here, the cavalryman attempts to deflect, "bayonet" thrusts at the horse.

And yet more deflecting. The horse, a veteran of the Great Northern War, appears to be asleep. 
In training, the trooper eschews the standard tricorne hat for a more versatile ushanka.

However, I would be lying if I said that the high point of the day for me wasn't the Brunswickers. After all, I am writing a masters thesis on these guys. 
Getting ready for battle: gloves are important. 
Der Feldwebel, "Zuckerhosen" und seiner Soldaten.

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