Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2015 Seven Years War Convention Report

Quite a  group of Seven Years War enthusiasts. From left, you have Dean West (standing), designer of the Final Argument of Kings wargames ruleset, Jason Doerflein , (standing, with musket) commander of the Regiment von Itzenplitz reenactors, Alex Burns, (standing) Visiting Professor of History, Indiana Wesleyan University, Jason Buckreis (standing) Epicurean philosopher, Dr. Patrick Lebeau (seated, facing away from camera) Professor of American Indian Studies, Michigan State University, Ken Bunger (standing, background) designer of the Tricorne wargames ruleset, and Dr. Christopher Duffy, (standing, with sword) well-known Seven Years War author and writer.

Dear Reader,

I apologize for my long absence! I've been rather busy with work, but I hope to fill you in on some of what I've been doing over the weekend. Last weekend there was a rather large event for those interested in the Kabinettskriege era: the Seven Years War convention in South Bend, IN. This convention saw an excellent lecture by Dr. Christopher Duffy on efforts to preserve the battlefield at Culloden in Scotland. The convention also reached 102 attendees, up from around 60 last year. Here are some of the highlights:

Professor Jim Mc Intrye , editor of the Journal of the Seven Years War Association

Some of Dr. Duffy's spectacular research
Some of the excellent gaming available at the convention

The Seven Years War in India

A beautiful Great Northern War game

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