Monday, October 6, 2014

Summer and Fall 2014

Dear Reader,

Someone very close to me pointed out recently that my blog appeared to be dead. As a result, I have decided to give you all an update as to my whereabouts over the past few months. Fear not, Kabinettskriege will continue. The update takes the form of a photo journal.

The Society of the Cincinnati

In late August, I was fortunate enough to travel in order to research at the Society of the Cincinnati Library.

Metro Exit near the Society of the Cincinnati Library

Central Reading Room

My faithful friend: the mircofilm reader.

An orderly book from the Sullivan Campaign

Into the Stacks

The Anderson House

George Washington Statuary

 Reenactor Photos

Fall is a primary season for reenacting, and I was able to get pictures at a number of events.


As many of you are aware, I have obtained a one-year visiting professor position at Indiana Wesleyan University.

 Yorktown Battlefield Photos

American Siege Lines at Yorktown

View towards British Lines, Yorktown

View back towards French Battery

Remains of Redoubt 10

Panorama of Redoubt #9

Thanks for Reading,

Alex Burns

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