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Don Troiani's: Breymann's Redoubt Battle of Saratoga, Oct 7th 1777

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This is it! You have finally spent enough time on the internet to discover a blog written about warfare in early modern Europe and America. Whether you are a reenactor, wargamer, enthusiast, or historian, I welcome you. I am dedicating this blog to discovering more about warfare during the Kabinettskriege period. In Europe, this period of warfare lasted (roughly) between 1648-1789. Kabinettskriege is a German word, which loosely translated, means "warfare waged by a ministry." If you wish to hear tales of these dark times: read on. 

Historians generally argue that limited warfare reigned supreme in this period. While recent historians such as Franz Szabo (Sah-bow) have challenged this thesis, the vast majority of scholars still agree that this period was a trough between to crests of violence. (The Thirty Years War on the one side, the French Revolutionary Wars on the other.)  

Before I proceed any further, let me answer the most important historical question: why? Why should you, Blog Reader, waste another moment of your life reading about warfare which occurred 300 years ago? The ability to connect historical events to historical significance is what separates enthusiasts from historians.  

Here's why: The Kabinettskriege period gives us the world we live in today. Canada provides a perfect example. On September 13th, 1759, the British army under General James Wolfe defeated the French army under Louis-Joseph de Montecalm at the Plains of Abraham outside the city of Quebec. The resulting shift in political allegiance created a discontented French Catholic majority, which are still trying to be recognized over two hundred and fifty years later.  Last year, on September 5th, a man attempted to assassinate the leader of the current Quebec successionist party.  

Another example is the battle of Breymann's Redoubt, beautifully depicted at the top of the page by military artist Don Tronani. The painting is available for purchase here. This beautiful painting shows the moment when the American rebels overran the Breymann Redoubt at the battle of Bemis Heights on Oct. 7th 1777. This single action spelled disaster for the hopes of Burgoyne's army during the American War of Independence, and would go great lengths to securing the eventual independence of the American people. 

Thus, far from being the exclusive domain of hobbyists and enthusiasts, warfare in this period remains a vital part of understanding our past. In this blog, which will be written in conjunction with my post-graduate education, I will examine the major people, events, cultures and ideas in this pivotal period in world history. 

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  1. This is a great explanation and certainly shows the value of knowing were we've come from to be able to interpret what's happening now.

    1. Thanks Hancock! Glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. You have some intresting pictures here, im doing a website in school and would like to use some of your pictures as background pictures. How do I contact you in this matter.

    1. In order to use pictures for a website, they should be in the public domain, or used under fair use.