Thursday, February 27, 2014

Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge

Patriot Militia fire on the oncoming Scots Loyalists

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Today, February 27th,  is the anniversary of the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge, a combat between to militias during the American Revolutionary War. In this battle, around 800 loyalist militiamen, (mostly Scotsmen loyal to the crown) faced around 1,000 patriot militiamen near Wilmington North Carolina.

Many of the Scottish loyalists did not have muskets, being armed with the traditional highland broadsword. The Scots attempted to charge a defensive line set up by the patriots, and they were met with a barrage of musket fire, leading to the death and capture of several loyalist officers.

The death of their leaders led to the dispersal of the loyalist forces, securing North Carolina until 1780. This is one of the last instances of the famous "highland charge" which dominated Scottish military tactics in the Kabinettskriege era.

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  1. Very interesting - an action I have not heard of before - thank you.