Sunday, February 10, 2013

Book Review: British Soldiers, American War

Cover Art of British Soldiers: American War

In this recent monograph, Don N. Hagist delivers nine first-hand accounts from the British side of the American War for Independence. With accompanying artwork of British soldiers from Saratoga National Park Historian Eric Schnitzer, this book provides an informative and insightful look into the the British army during the 1775-1783 period.

While the book's introduction makes a slightly odd comparison between the Vietnam war and the American War of Independence, the majority of the work stays within the context of an eighteenth century perspective. 

There are nine topically organized chapters, with an epilogue and some appendices of poetry by British soldiers. For historians, the book contains useful primary sources related to social life in the army during the War of Independence. For wargamers, there are excellent descriptions of combat, with perspectives of private soldiers. 

While Hagist's descriptions provide many insightful views into the mind of British soldiers, the artwork by Schnitzer is not in color, which may frustrate wargamers looking for a painting guide. 

Overall the book is a great work for professionals and enthusiasts alike.  


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