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How much do you know about the Kabinettskriege era?

George Washington and the Continental Army
For the past 10 months, you've had the kindness to read my various ramblings about the Kabinettskriege era. Today I thought we could do something a little different. Its time to show what you know about this period in history! In the comments below, answer each question with a number and a letter.

1. Who was Frederick the Great?
A.  King of Sweden
B.  Margraf of Hesse
C.  King of Prussia
D.  Not really so great.

2. What are the dates of the Kabinettskriege era?
A.  1250-1575
B.  1605-1815
C.  1815-1914
D.  1648-1789

3. What was the main type of muskets soldiers used in the Kabinettskriege era?
A. Snapchance
B. Flintlock
C. Percussion
D. Flintchance

4. What did Horace Walpole call the Hessians?
A. "Ruthless Mercenaries"
B. "Britain's Triarii"
C. "Polish Cavalrymen"
D. "Drunken Germans"

5. In the Seven Years' War, what percentage of battles did Frederick the Great win?
A. 90%
B. 70%
C. 50%
D. 30%

6. Which one of the following wars occurred during the Kabinettskriege era?
A. The War of Polish Succession
B. The War of Third Coalition
C. The Thirty Years' War
D. The War of Ottoman Succession

7. Which older general taught Frederick the Great on campaign in 1734?
A. John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough
B. Charles XII, King of Sweden
C. Eugene of Savoy, Austrian General
D. Magnus Stenbock, Swedish General

8. The Great Northern War saw which countries fight each-other?
A. Sweden and Polish rebels vs. Denmark, Poland, Prussia, Hanover, and Russia
B. Poland vs. Lithuania and Demark
C. Sweden vs. Pomerania, Finland, Russia, and Luxembourg
D. Russia, France, Britain and Ireland vs. Prussia, Hanover and Sweden

9. In 1717, which general took the fortress of Belgrade?
A. Selim XI, Sultan of Turkey
B. Roger Dempsey, British Mercenary
C. Eugene of Savoy, Austrian General
D. Hans Karl von Winterfeldt, Prussian General

10.  Which European monarch attempted to take over huge tracts of land, but is never compared to Hitler?
A. Frederick II of Prussia
B. Louis XIV of France
C. Queen Anne of Britain
D. Karl XII of Sweden
(Sorry, that one was a bit passive aggressive.)

Let me known what you think! I'll post the answers tomorrow at 9:00pm.

Thanks for Reading,

Alex Burns

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